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Elementary Program Update: We've decided to open up a second elementary class to accommodate the high registration number! We are still sorting out logistics in terms of what time the classes will be at but if you have some flexibility in your schedule, you can still register and you will be placed in one of the two classes. The first couple classes will be the entire group to allow the coaches to help sort the kids.

*Jr/Sr High Program still has room to register

2022-2023 Alberta Amateur Wrestling Association (AAWA) Registration Instructions

1) CLICK HERE or scan the QR code to complete the AAWA membership registration.

2) Our new registration system is called 2M, it's powered by Interpodia who have been recently selected as registration technology partner for wrestling associations and clubs across Canada. Unless you've done anything with 2M before, you will need to create a user account. Please make this account under a parent’s name if the athlete is under 18 years old. You can add all your family members to the same account. If you have an existing account from another sport, you can use it for this registration as well.

3) Add and choose the first individual you are registering and click “Register.” If renewing a membership from a previous season, all profiles should remain accessible and complete.

4) Please complete the required fields and click “save and continue.” The system will remember your information attached to the account to avoid filling out the same info every year or to register for events. If renewing, please ensure all stored information is up to date.

5) Please select the membership type (Athlete, Coach, etc). It will ask you for your club affiliation, please begin typing your club name "Strathcona Wrestling Club" into the search bar and select it from the menu. 

6) There are a couple additional optional questions that assist AAWA develop future programming. When complete, click “Next”.

7) If you’d like to register another individual, click “Complete and Add Another Membership.” If not, click “Complete and Proceed to Cart”.

8) You will be directed to the AAWA Participation Waiver, Image Consent Waiver and Athlete/Coach/Parent Code of Conduct, all of which are signed digitally.

9) The payment page is the last step. Please enter your payment information and click “Submit and Complete”.

Note: This is for your AAWA affiliation fee only ($35-$65 depending on the age of the athlete). Your club fees will be invoiced after registration.  

10) If you need technical support with registering contact Andy at or the tech support team at 2M. They will be happy to help.

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